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Texas Air Traffic Control Facilities

Texas Air Traffic Control Facility Locations - Contact Information

  1. Facilities are being shown from all child categories.
  2. ABI - Abilene

    kabi, abi, abilene, atct, texas
  3. ACT - Waco

    kact, act, waco, atct, texas
  4. ADS - Addison

    kads, ads, addison, dallas, atct, texas
  5. AFW - Alliance

    kafw, afw, alliance, atct, texas, fort worth
  6. AMA - Amarillo

    kama, ama, amarillo, atct, rick husband, texas
  7. AUS - Austin

    kaus, aus, austin, atct, bergstrom, texas
  8. BPT - Beaumont

    kbpt, bpt, beaumont, atct, texas, jack brooks
  9. CRP - Corpus Christi

    kcrp, crp, corpus, corpus christi, texas, atct
  10. D10 - Dallas TRACON

    d10, dallas, tracon, texas
  11. DAL - Dallas Love

    kdal, dal, dallas, love, atct, texas
  12. DFW - Dallas Fort Worth

    kdfw, dfw, dallas, fort worth, atct, texas
  13. DWH - David Wayne Hooks

    kdwh, dwh, hooks, david wayne hooks, texas, tomball, spring, houston, atct
  14. ELP - El Paso

    kelp, elp, el paso, atct, texas
  15. FTW - Fort Worth Meacham

    kftw, ftw, meacham, fort worth, atct, texas
  16. GGG - Longview

    kggg, ggg, longview, atct, texas, gregg county, east texas
  17. HOU - Hobby

    khou, hou, hobby, wiliam p hobby, houston, texas, atct
  18. I90 - Houston TRACON

    i90, houston, tracon, texas, houston approach
  19. IAH - Houston

    kiah, houston, atct, texas, george bush, intercontinental, iah
  20. LBB - Lubbock

    klbb, lbb, lubbock, preston smith, atct, texas
  21. MAF - Midland

    kmaf, maf, midland, atct, spaceport, texas
  22. SAT - San Antonio

    ksat, sat, san antonio, atct, texas
  23. ZFW - Fort Worth Center

    zfw, fort worth, dallas, artcc, center, enroute, texas
  24. ZHU - Houston Center

    zhu, houston, artcc, center, enroute