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Washington Air Traffic Control Facilities

Washington Air Traffic Control Facility Locations - Contact Information

  1. Facilities are being shown from all child categories.
  2. BFI - Boeing Field

    kbfi, bfi, boeing, atct, washington, king county, seattle
  3. GEG - Spokane

    kgeg, geg, spokane, washington, atct
  4. MWH - Grant

    kmwh, mwh, grant, grant county, moses lake, port of moses, washington, atct
  5. PAE - Paine

    kpae, pae, paine, atct, washington, everett
  6. PSC - Pasco

    kpsc, psc, pasco, tri-cities, port of pasco, atct, washington, franklin county
  7. S46 - Seattle TRACON

    s46, seattle tracon, tracon, washington, burien
  8. SEA - Seattle

    ksea, sea, seattle, atct, washington, tacoma
  9. ZSE - Seattle Center

    zse, seattle, artcc, center, enroute, artcc, auburn