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Ohio Air Traffic Control Facilities

Ohio Air Traffic Control Facility Locations - Contact Information

  1. Facilities are being shown from all child categories.
  2. CAK - Akron

    kcak, canton, cak, akron, atct, ohio
  3. CLE - Cleveland

    kcle, cle, cleveland, atct, ohio, hopkins
  4. CMH - Columbus

    kcmh, cmh, columbus, atct, ohio, port columbus
  5. DAY - Dayton

    kday, day, dayton, atct, ohio
  6. MFD - Mansfield

    kmfd, mfd, mansfield, atct, ohio, lahm
  7. TOL - Toledo

    ktol, tol, toledo, atct, ohio, swanton
  8. YNG - Youngstown

    kyng, yng, youngstown, atct, ohio, vienna, warren
  9. ZOB - Cleveland Center

    zob, cleveland, artcc, center, enroute, ohio, oberlin