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FAA Air Traffic Control Facilities

  1. A11 - Anchorage TRACON

    A11, TRACON, Alaska
  2. A80 - Atlanta TRACON

    a80, atlanta, tracon, georgia, peachtree
  3. A90 - Boston TRACON

    a90, boston tracon, boston, new hampshire, merrimack
  4. ABE - Allentown

    kabe, abe, allentown, atct, pennsylvania, lehigh valley
  5. ABI - Abilene

    kabi, abi, abilene, atct, texas
  6. ABQ - Albuquerque

    kabq, abq, albuquerque, atct, new mexico
  7. ACK - Nantucket

    kack, ack, nantucket, atct, massachusetts
  8. ACT - Waco

    kact, act, waco, atct, texas
  9. ACY - Atlantic City

    kacy, acy, atlantic city, atct, new jersey
  10. ADS - Addison

    kads, ads, addison, dallas, atct, texas
  11. ADW - Andrews

    kadw, adw, andrews, andrews afb, arb, atct, maryland
  12. AFW - Alliance

    kafw, afw, alliance, atct, texas, fort worth
  13. AGC - Allegheny

    kagc, agc, allegheny, atct, west mifflin, pennsylvania
  14. AGS - Augusta

    ags, kags, augusta, masters, atct, faa,
  15. ALB - Albany

    kalb, alb, albany, atct, new york, latham
  16. ALO - Waterloo

    kalo, alo, waterloo, atct, iowa
  17. AMA - Amarillo

    kama, ama, amarillo, atct, rick husband, texas
  18. ANC - Anchorage

    PANC, ATCT, Alaska, anc, anchorage
  19. APA - Centennial

    kapa, apa, centennial, denver, atct, colorado, englewood
  20. ARB - Ann Arbor

    karb, arb, ann arbor, atct, michigan
  21. ARR - Aurora

    karr, arr, aurora, atct, illinois, chicago
  22. ASE - Aspen

    kase, ase, aspen, atct, colorado, pitkin
  23. ATL - Atlanta

    katl, atl, atlanta, georgia, atct, hartsfield, jackson
  24. AUS - Austin

    kaus, aus, austin, atct, bergstrom, texas
  25. AVL - Asheville

    avl, kavl, asheville, north carolina, faa, atct, atc, tracon
  26. AVP - Scranton

    kavp, avp, scranton, avoca, wilkes-barre, pennsylvania, atct
  27. AZO - Kalamazoo

    kazo, azo, kalamazoo, atct, michigan, portage, battle creek
  28. BDL - Bradley

    kbdl, bdl, bradley, atct, connecticut, windsor locks
  29. BED - Bedford

    kbed, bed, bedford, atct, massachusetts, hanscom
  30. BFI - Boeing Field

    kbfi, bfi, boeing, atct, washington, king county, seattle
  31. BFL - Bakersfield ATCT

    kbfl, bfl, bakersfield, atct, california, meadows field, kern county
  32. BGM - Binghamton

    kbgm, bgm, binghamton, atct, new york, johnson city, greater binghamton
  33. BGR - Bangor

    kbgr, bgr, bangor, atct, maine
  34. BHM - Birmingham

    KBHM, ATCT,TRACON, Alabama, birmingham, bhm
  35. BIL - Billings

    kbil, bil, billings, montana, logan
  36. BIS - Bismacrk

    kbis, bis, bismarck, atct, north dakota
  37. BJC - Metro

    kbjc, bjc, metro, broomfield, rocky mountain, colorado, atct, boulder, denver metro, denver
  38. BNA - Nashville

    kbna, bna, nashville, atct, tennessee
  39. BOI - Boise

    kboi, boi, boise, idaho, atct
  40. BOS - Boston ATCT

    kbos, bos, boston, logan, boston-logan, atct, massachusetts
  41. BPT - Beaumont

    kbpt, bpt, beaumont, atct, texas, jack brooks
  42. BTR - Baton Rouge

    kbtr, btr, baton rouge, atct, louisiana
  43. BTV - Burlington

    kbtv, btv, burlington, atct, vermont
  44. BUF - Buffalo

    kbuf, buf, buffalo, atct, new york, cheektowaga, niagra
  45. BWI - Baltimore

    kbwi, bwi, baltimore, atct, maryland
  46. C90 - Chicago TRACON

    c90, chicago, tracon, illinois, elgin
  47. CAE - Columbia

    cae, kcae, columbia, atct, faa
  48. CAK - Akron

    kcak, canton, cak, akron, atct, ohio
  49. CDW - Caldwell

    kcdw, cdw, caldwell, essex county, essex, new jersey, atct, fairfield
  50. CHA - Chattanooga

    kcha, cha, chattanooga, atct, tennessee, lovell