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California Air Traffic Control Facilities

California Air Traffic Control Facility Locations - Contact Information

  1. Facilities are being shown from all child categories.
  2. BFL - Bakersfield ATCT

    kbfl, bfl, bakersfield, atct, california, meadows field, kern county
  3. CNO - Chino ATCT

    kcno, chino, cno, atct, california
  4. CRQ - Carlsbad ATCT

    kcrq, crq, carlsbad, california, mccellan, palomar
  5. E10 - High Desert TRACON

    e10, high desert, tracon, california, edwards afb, edwards
  6. EMT - El Monte ATCT

    KEMT, emt, el monte, atct, california
  7. FAT - Fresno ATCT

    kfat, fat, fresno, atct, california
  8. HWD - Hayward ATCT

    khwd, hwd, california, atct, hayward
  9. KSMF - Sacramento ATCT

    ksmf, smf, sacramento, atct, california
  10. KSMO - Santa Monica ATCT

    ksmo, smo, santa monica, atct, california
  11. KSNA - John Wayne ATCT

    ksna, sna, john wayne, atct, california, costa mesa, orange county
  12. KSTS - Santa Rosa ATCT

    ksts, sts, santa rosa, atct, california
  13. KTOA - Torrance ATCT

    ktoa, toa, torrance, atct, california
  14. KVNY - Van Nuys ATCT

    kvny, vny, van nuys, atct, california
  15. LAX - Los Angeles ATCT

    klax, lax, los angeles, atct, california
  16. LGB - Long Beach ATCT

    klgb, lgb, long beach, atct, california
  17. LVK - Livermore ATCT

    klvk, lvk, livermore, atct, california
  18. MRY - Monterey ATCT

    kmry, mry, monterey, california, atct
  19. MYF - Montgomery ATCT

    kmyf, myf, montgomery, atct, california, san diego
  20. NCT - Northern California TRACON

    nct, northern california, california, tracon, norcal, mather
  21. OAK - Oakland ATCT

    koak, oak, oakland, atct, california
  22. ONT - Ontario ATCT

    kont, ont, ontario, atct, california
  23. PAO - Palo Alto ATCT

    kpao, pao, palo alto, california, atct
  24. POC - Brackett ATCT

    kpoc, poc, brackett, atct, california, la verne
  25. PSP - Palm Springs ATCT

    kpsp, psp, palm springs, atct, california
  26. RHV - Reid ATCT

    krhv, rhv, reid-hillview, reid, hillview, san jose, atct, california
  27. SAN - San Diego ATCT

    ksan, san, san diego, atct, california, lindbergh
  28. SBA - Santa Barbara ATCT

    ksba, sba, santa barbara, atct, california
  29. SCK - Stockton ATCT

    ksck, sck, stockton, atct, california
  30. SCT - Southern California TRACON

    sct, socal, southern california, california, tracon, san diego
  31. SEE - Gillespie ATCT

    ksee, see, gillespie, atct, california
  32. SFO - San Francisco ATCT

    ksfo, sfo, san francisco, atct, california
  33. SJC - San Jose ATCT

    ksjc, sjc, san jose, santa clara, atct, california, mineta
  34. ZLA - Los Angeles ARTCC

    zla, los angeles artcc, los angeles center, california, california center
  35. ZOA - Oakland ARTCC

    zoa, oakland artcc, oakland center, california, california center