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Florida Air Traffic Control Facilities

Florida Air Traffic Control Facility Locations - Contact Information

  1. Facilities are being shown from all child categories.
  2. DAB - Daytona Beach

    kdab, dab, daytona beach, daytona, atc, florida
  3. FLL - Fort Lauderdale

    kfll, fll, fort lauderdale, hollywood, florida, atct
  4. FPR - St. Lucie

    kfpr, fpr, fort pierce, florida, atct, st. lucie
  5. FXE - Fort Lauderdale

    kfxe, fxe, fort lauderdale, executive, florida, atct
  6. JAX - Jacksonville

    kjax, jax, jacksonville, florida, atct
  7. MCO - Orlando

    kmco, mco, orlando, atct, florida,
  8. MIA - Miami

    kmia, mia, miami, atct, florida
  9. ORL - Orlando Executive

    korl, orl, orlando, orlando executive, executive, atct, florida
  10. P31 - Pensacola TRACON

    p31, pensacola, tracon, florida
  11. PBI - Palm Beach

    kpbi, pbi, palm beach, atct, florida, west palm beach
  12. PIE - St. Petersburg

    kpie, pie, st petersburg, atct, florida, clearwater, st pete
  13. PNS - Pensacola

    kpns, pns, pensacola, atct, florida
  14. RSW - Fort Meyers

    rsw, krsw, fort meyers, atct, faa
  15. SFB - Sanford

    ksfb, sfb, sanford, atct, florida
  16. SRQ - Sarasota

    ksrq, srq, sarasota, atct, florida
  17. TLH - Tallahassee

    ktlh, tlh, tallahassee, atct, florida
  18. TMB - Miami Executive

    ktmb, tmb, miami, executive, miami executive, atct, florida, tamiami, kendall
  19. TPA - Tampa

    ktpa, tpa, tampa, atct, florida
  20. VRB - Vero Beach

    kvrb, vrb, vero beach, atct, florida
  21. ZJX - Jacksonville Center

    zjx, jacksonville, artcc, center, enroute, hilliard, florida
  22. ZMA - Miami Center

    zma, miami, artcc, center, enroute, florida