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FAA Air Traffic Control Facilities

  1. SDF - Louisville

    ksdf, sdf, louisville, atct, kentucky
  2. SDL - Scottsdale

    KSDL, ATCT, Arizona, scottsdale, sdl
  3. SEA - Seattle

    ksea, sea, seattle, atct, washington, tacoma
  4. SEE - Gillespie ATCT

    ksee, see, gillespie, atct, california
  5. SFB - Sanford

    ksfb, sfb, sanford, atct, florida
  6. SFO - San Francisco ATCT

    ksfo, sfo, san francisco, atct, california
  7. SGF - Springfield

    ksgf, sgf, springfield, atct, missouri
  8. SHV - Shreveport

    kshv, shv, shreveport, atct, louisiana, barksdale afb
  9. SJC - San Jose ATCT

    ksjc, sjc, san jose, santa clara, atct, california, mineta
  10. SLC - Salt Lake

    slc, salt lake, salt lake city, atct, utah, kslc
  11. SRQ - Sarasota

    ksrq, srq, sarasota, atct, florida
  12. STL - St. Louis

    kstl, stl, st. louis, atct, missouri, bridgeton
  13. STP - St. Paul

    kstp, stp, st paul, atct, minnesota, minneapolis
  14. SUS - Spirit

    ksus, sus, spirit, st. louis, chesterfield, missouri
  15. SUX - Sioux Gateway

    ksux, sux, sioux city, sioux, gateway, atct, iowa
  16. SYR - Syracuse

    ksyr, syr, syracuse, atct, new york, hancock
  17. T75 - St. Louis TRACON

    t75, st louis, tracon, st charles, missouri
  18. TEB - Teterboro

    kteb, teb, teterboro, atct, new jersey
  19. TLH - Tallahassee

    ktlh, tlh, tallahassee, atct, florida
  20. TMB - Miami Executive

    ktmb, tmb, miami, executive, miami executive, atct, florida, tamiami, kendall
  21. TOL - Toledo

    ktol, tol, toledo, atct, ohio, swanton
  22. TPA - Tampa

    ktpa, tpa, tampa, atct, florida
  23. TRI - Tri Cities

    ktri, tri, tri cities, atct, tennessee, blountville
  24. TUL - Tulsa

    ktul, tul, tulsa, atct, oklahoma
  25. TUS - Tucson

    KTUS, ATCT, Arizona, tucson, tus
  26. TVC - Traverse City

    ktvc, tvc, traverse city, atct, michigan, cherry capital
  27. TWF - Twin Falls

    ktwf, twf, twin falls, atct, idaho
  28. TYS - Tyson

    ktys, tys, tyson, atct, mcghee, tennessee, louisville
  29. U90 - Tucson TRACON

    U90, TRACON, Arizona, u90 tracon, tucson tracon
  30. VGT - North Las Vegas

    kvgt, vgt, north las vegas, las vegas, vegas, atct, nevada
  31. VRB - Vero Beach

    kvrb, vrb, vero beach, atct, florida
  32. Y90 - Yankee TRACON

    y90, yankee, bradley, tracon, connecticut, windsor locks
  33. YIP - Willow Run

    kyip, yip, willow run, belleville, michigan, atct, yipsilanti
  34. YNG - Youngstown

    kyng, yng, youngstown, atct, ohio, vienna, warren
  35. ZAB - Albuquerque Center

    zab, albuquerque, artcc, center, enroute, new mexico
  36. ZAN - Anchorage Center

    ZAN, Center/EnRoute, Alaska, anchorage center, anchorage, anchorage artcc, artcc
  37. ZAU - Chicago Center

    zau, chicago, artcc, illinois, center, enroute, aurora
  38. ZBW - Boston Center

    zbw, boston, boston artcc, center, enroute, nashua, new hampshire
  39. ZDC - Washington Center

    zdc, washington, washington dc, center, artcc, enroute, leesburg
  40. ZDV - Denver Center

    zdv, denver center, center, enroute, artcc, colorado
  41. ZFW - Fort Worth Center

    zfw, fort worth, dallas, artcc, center, enroute, texas
  42. ZHU - Houston Center

    zhu, houston, artcc, center, enroute
  43. ZID - Indianapolis Center

    zid, indianapolis, artcc, center, enroute
  44. ZJX - Jacksonville Center

    zjx, jacksonville, artcc, center, enroute, hilliard, florida
  45. ZKC - Kansas City Center

    zkc, kansas city, artcc, center, enroute, kansas, olathe
  46. ZLA - Los Angeles ARTCC

    zla, los angeles artcc, los angeles center, california, california center
  47. ZLC - Salt Lake Center

    zlc, salt lake, salt lake city, artcc, enroute, center, utah
  48. ZMA - Miami Center

    zma, miami, artcc, center, enroute, florida
  49. ZME - Memphis Center

    zme, memphis, artcc, center, enroute
  50. ZMP - Minnesota Center

    zmp, minnesota, artcc, center, enroute, farmington