Best business class to serve SA from EU and most relevant miles program

Best business class to serve SA from EU and most relevant miles program


Hi folks,

I am due to travel to South Africa in two weeks, I know it’s a bit of a last minute decision and it’s going to be expensive. I saw that Air France, KLM and BA have direct flights. I will have to travel to one of the main EU location anyway as there are no direct flights where I am based. I was wondering if anyone had experience flying to that region and what the best business class airline is on that route? Flights are going to be super expensive (6-10k) so I’d like to know what’s the best way for me to accumulate miles?

I have several questions…i have started reading the forum but also would like some input

– We are active, early sixties from US – WI

-Price range can be all over the place…don’t mind a splurge here and there and we also like rustic, albeit private baths and clean.

1. Should I plan our own trip with assistance from forum and using a guided tour for the Kroger Park

or go with a tour company such as Go Ahead, etc. Usually we travel independently but since this is brand new territory for us, I am wondering how easy it is to put together our own trip

4. Looks like the flights from the US are really really long, do most people spend an overnight in Europe on the way to SA?

Thanks for your help


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  1. Lufthansa and Virgin Atlantic also fly from Europe to South Africa. Best business class depends on what you’re looking for. You can check out seats on Seat Guru to get an idea. For me, the seat is more important than the service or meal.

    For accruing mileage, you should pick the program that worked best for your normal life. You don’t mention what country you’re in so it’s hard to give you an idea of what might be best.

    1. I am based in the UK (outside London). I looked at the different options and best seats seem to be with BA or AF. Not sure what the best loyalty program is between both. Any thoughts?

  2. Best business class would be Qatar imho, you’ll have a transfer at Doha but the lounge is nice which makes up for it.. you can link BA points to the qatar program too.. with a little luck you’ll have a qsuite on each leg..

  3. As a premium airline, United Airlines is an ideal choice for business class flights to South Africa. From delicious meals paired with the best beverages to our individualized and warm service, the airline ensures that passengers are relaxed and refreshed throughout the travel.

  4. Traveling to South Africa and want to offer yourself a Business Class experience? Depending on the origin, the following airlines offer seats in Business Class: American Airlines, United Airlines, British Airways and Virgin Atlantic.

  5. Hi, will start with the flight. There are so many options & I suppose everyone chooses flights that suit them & of course cost. Emirates is a great airline & some people even spend a few nights in Dubai to break the trip a bit. I live in Cape Town so Emirates , KLM & a few others fly direct zfrom CT which is great & worth it. I am going to the States for family weddings next year & traveling with a 5 & 3 year old (very nervous for such a long flight) & I am seriously considering flying SAA as they have the Johannesburg to New York direct flight overnight & may be worth the extra money.

    I would not go for the Baz Bus, definitely for backpackers. You could definitely arrange yourself or get help, it’s hard to advise on a guided tour, some people enjoy meeting people & everything being arranged and others don’t like the restrictions?

    Reccomendations for places to go, would definitely depend on your interests and budget. Most do Cape Town & Kruger, I always say Natal is great too if you like beautiful beaches, diving, warmer seas, more of a wildlife experience.

    Tell us more so we can advise, get some quotes and/or arrange yourself and take it from there.

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