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How To: Err - Employee Requested Reassignment

Discussion in 'FAA - Federal Aviation Administration' started by Baker, Mar 23, 2015.

  1. Baker

    Baker New Member

    Article 42.6 of the NATCA/FAA Collective Bargaining Agreement says,

    "Employees desiring consideration for placement to a specific bargaining unit position at a specific facility may make voluntary application for transfers to facilities of the same, lower, or higher level by submitting the appropriate forms as outlined in Agency directives, to the Human Resource Management Division having jurisdiction over the position(s). The type of position applied for and specific location must be stated.

    The employee shall not normally be eligible to receive any permanent change of station (PCS) benefits unless the selection was made in conjunction with a vacancy announcement where PCS benefits were authorized. In that case the individual requesting voluntary transfer shall be entitled to the same benefits as advertised on the vacancy announcement.

    Employees shall submit the following forms to the appropriate Human Resource Management Division:
          1. cover letter stating: "Filed in accordance with Employee Requested Reassignment for ________ position at (name of facility)";
          2. FAA Form 3330-42, Request for Consideration and Acknowledgment;
          3. FAA Form 3330-43-1, Rating of Air Traffic Experience for AT Transfer Program;
          4. OF-612 or a resume; and
          5. most recent performance appraisal.
    Upon receipt of the package the receiving office will advise the employee that they have received his/her request. The application shall remain on file for fifteen (15) months from receipt, unless it has been updated in writing by the employee."
    For your convenience, I have attached the necessary forms.

    Attached Files:

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  2. KiloBravoATC

    KiloBravoATC New Member

    I am actually going to begin working on a presentation on how exactly to ERR. The FAA only tells you what forms you need to fill out. They don't tell you what information to enter. I have ERR'd twice, and have received confirmation both times all forms were filled out properly. I'll post it on here when I finish,
  3. TangoKilo

    TangoKilo New Member

    Do you have any more info on this? I haven't done it in a number of years & need to get it completed. It's my understanding the OF-612 is now obsolete. Is that correct? Thanks!
  4. Montysu

    Montysu New Member

    This would help me a ton, I'm trying to ERR to NY.
  5. patricialeyn

    patricialeyn New Member

    The paper work is sent to the "Human Resource Management Division" is there a certain attn?
  6. KiloBravoATC

    KiloBravoATC New Member

    Sorry guys, I know I posted this a while ago about the PP. I have let it fall by the wayside for the moment but I can aster any questions via here or PM. Patricia, no there is no certain ATTN:. you just send it to the office. When you do, it gets directed to the people in charge of that.
  7. mandyj07

    mandyj07 New Member

    I'm in the process of filing an ERR and this was really helpful, thanks!
  8. LimaCharlie

    LimaCharlie New Member

    Is it possible to ERR as a developmental (before achieving CPC) at an ARTCC, requesting relocation to another ARTCC?
  9. mandyj07

    mandyj07 New Member

    You can try. I'm in the same boat as you, but I'm tower. I've been told it mostly depends on the projected staffing level of the facility you are trying to ERR to. I have a list of their staffing percentages.. If you tell me which ARTCC you are interested in and I guess which one you're trying to leave, I can give you those numbers!
  10. Robert Coates

    Robert Coates New Member

    I'm looking for staffing at any and all San Diego locations if you have them.
    I'm still in training but with family health issues and we're looking to get home as soon as we can so willing to submit paperwork and wait. And looking to leave MLI Thanks.
  11. Bearclaw87

    Bearclaw87 New Member

    in factor 1 of the FAA3330-43 does military service factor in at all? for example one of the facilities i was stationed at worked alongside GS-11's would i be able to use the allowable 5 points for that?

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