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Facility Placement FAA

Discussion in 'FAA - Federal Aviation Administration' started by HazeMan9, Jun 10, 2015.

  1. HazeMan9

    HazeMan9 New Member

    Hey everyone, I am new to this thread, but I got hired for the FAA and I'm waiting on my clearances to go through. After my clearances go through, my TOL says i could receive up to 5 facilities. I am trying to get up to Michigan, Ohio, Indiana area. Is that something that I just have to wait and see about or can I talk to someone and tell them I would like the Great Lakes Region? Thanks in advance everyone.

    GTBMWATC New Member

    Here is what I hear the new process is: you will go to the academy and once you pass your PV (final, if you will), your class will be offered a choice of facilities based on who scored highest. I hope you get a chance to get to the region you want.

    Good Luck.
  3. TMayB

    TMayB New Member

  4. romeocharlie

    romeocharlie New Member

    Although it says up to 5, you should get a list of any number of facilities you qualify for based upon your experience. For example, I was offered 35 different locations. If you really want to fight for a certain area, talk to HR and try and get in touch with the ATO Placement Team.
  5. tarynlj

    tarynlj New Member

    I'm at the academy now and they give you a list of facilities. The number depends on how many graduate in your class. if you have 16/18 pass you will choose from 16 facilities and you pick in order of class ranking. Or you can choose from oconus facilities and not worry about the list.
  6. Melissa Haak

    Melissa Haak New Member

    I know this is a lot to ask, but can you remember any of the 35 you were offered?
  7. Melissa Haak

    Melissa Haak New Member

    which 13 facilities were on the list... I am dying to know where the openings are... I'm also getting hired (previous CPC) and just really would LOVE to know where openings are...

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