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About Us (ATC)

What Makes This Site Function

Our Mission

ATC (Air Traffic Control) aims to educate, motivate, inspire and connect Air Traffic Controllers and those going through the application and hiring process. It is our belief that free education is paramount to building and devloping positive relationships with fellow Air Traffic Controllers and those in the aviation industry around the world.

How We Operate

As an educational resource, ATC offers a multitude of information to its members, free of charge. In addition to the written word found within our articles, guides and other resources, we offer a series of forums that allow our members to interact with one another.

Our Community

The ATC community found on this website is comprised of individuals working various aspects within the aviation industry. We cater to Air Traffic Controllers across the globe but also include members who are (or have been) Air Traffic Controllers, ATC Students, Potential ATC Applicants, Pilots, and just about every other Air Traffic Control - Aircraft related occupation in the industry. If you have an aviation related question, someone on this website will be able to answer it.

Membership - Registration

Membership is free and is available to anyone who wishes to learn, educate or share information about Air Traffic Control. We offer 4 methods of registration. You can register using the default registration form.

Sign Up

(The above method allows you to remain completely anonymous on the website.)

We also offer registration via Facebook, Twitter and Google.

Support This Project

This website is free to access and use. we encourage people to share our resources on Facebook, Google and twitter (as well as any other social media you may use.) We also rely upon member contributions and advertising revenue to cover the websites overhead. This website is free for everyone to use but costs me (Rich, the developer) funding to keep online and the resources updated.

Member Contributions

Site Feedback

Continued growth and development of this resource is reliant on member feedback. Please share with us the information you wish we had available or the resources you would like to see added. Your feedback is important and can help mold the sites development.

Member Feedback
Mar 17, 2015
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