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  1. Tom

    In order to apply please complete the Student Air Traffic and send it back together with your school leaving diplomas to

    Alternatively, you can send it by post: Recruitment & Mobility, EUROCONTROL Maastricht UAC, Horsterweg 11, 6199 AC Maastricht Airport, The Netherlands.

    Conditions to apply
    Want to become a student air traffic controller? If so, you must:

    • be younger than 25 on the start day of the training course;
    • have successfully completed secondary education at an advanced level - including mathematics and english;
    • have a good command of English, the international language of aviation;
    • be a national of a ;
    • be medically fit;
    • be free from military obligations at the start of the training.
    Already a qualified air traffic controller (aged over 25)?