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FAA Air Traffic Control Facilities

  1. LAX - Los Angeles ATCT

    klax, lax, los angeles, atct, california
  2. LBB - Lubbock

    klbb, lbb, lubbock, preston smith, atct, texas
  3. LCH - Lake Charles

    klch, lch, lake charles, atct, louisiana
  4. LEX - Lexington

    klex, lex, lexington, atct, kentucky, blue grass
  5. LFT - Lafayette

    klft, lft, lafayette, atct, louisiana
  6. LGB - Long Beach ATCT

    klgb, lgb, long beach, atct, california
  7. LIT - Little Rock

    KLIT, ATCT, TRACON, Arkansas, little rock, adams field, bill and hillary clinton airport, lit
  8. LNK - Lincoln

    klnk, lnk, lincoln, nebraska, atct
  9. LOU - Louisville

    klou, lou, louisville, kentucky, atct
  10. LVK - Livermore ATCT

    klvk, lvk, livermore, atct, california
  11. M03 - Memphis TRACON

    m03, memphis, tracon
  12. M98 - Minneapolis TRACON

    M98, minneapolis, tracon, minneapolis tracon, minnesota
  13. MAF - Midland

    kmaf, maf, midland, atct, spaceport, texas
  14. MBS - Saginaw

    kmbs, mbs, saginaw, freeland, michigan, atct
  15. MCI - Kansas City

    kmci, mci, kansas city, atct, missouri
  16. MCO - Orlando

    kmco, mco, orlando, atct, florida,
  17. MDT - Harrisburg

    kmdt, mdt, harrisburg, middletown, atct, pennsylvania
  18. MDW - Midway

    kmdw, mdw, midway, chicago, atct, illinois
  19. MEM - Memphis

    kmem, mem, memphis, atct, tennessee
  20. MFD - Mansfield

    kmfd, mfd, mansfield, atct, ohio, lahm
  21. MGM - Montgomery

    KMGM, ATCT/TRACON, Alabama, montgomery, mgm
  22. MHT - Manchester

    kmht, mht, manchester, atct, new hampshire
  23. MIA - Miami

    kmia, mia, miami, atct, florida
  24. MIC - Crystal

    kmic, mic, crystal, minneapolis, minnesota, atct
  25. MKC - Kansas City Downtown

    kmkc, mkc, charles b wheeler, wheeler, kansas city, downtown, missouri
  26. MKE - Milwaukee

    kmke, mke, milwaukee, atct, wisconsin, general mitchell
  27. MKG - Muskegon

    kmkg, mkg, muskegon, atct, michigan
  28. MLI - Quad City

    kmli, mli, quad city, atct, illinois, milan
  29. MLU - Monroe

    kmlu, mlu, monroe atct, louisiana
  30. MMU - Morristown

    kmmu, mmu, morristown, new jersey, atct
  31. MOB - Mobile

    KMOB, ATCT/TRACON, Alabama, mobile, mob
  32. MRI - Merrill

    PMRI, ATCT, Alaska, mri, merrill
  33. MRY - Monterey ATCT

    kmry, mry, monterey, california, atct
  34. MSN - Madison

    kmsn, msn, madison, atct, wisconsin
  35. MSP - Minneapolis

    kmsp, msp, minneapolis, atct, minnesota
  36. MSY - New Orleans

    kmsy, msy, new orleans, atct, louisiana, louis armstrong, moissant
  37. MWH - Grant

    kmwh, mwh, grant, grant county, moses lake, port of moses, washington, atct
  38. MYF - Montgomery ATCT

    kmyf, myf, montgomery, atct, california, san diego
  39. MYR - Myrtle Beach

    kmyr, myr, myrtle beach, atct, south carolina
  40. N90 - New York TRACON

    n90, new york, tracon, westbury
  41. NCT - Northern California TRACON

    nct, northern california, california, tracon, norcal, mather
  42. NEW - Lakefront

    knew, new, new orleans, lakefront, atct, louisiana
  43. NMM - Meridian

    knmm, nmm, meridian, navy, nas meridian, atct, mississippi, naval air station
  44. OAK - Oakland ATCT

    koak, oak, oakland, atct, california
  45. OGG - Kahului

    pogg, ogg, kahului, hawaii, atct
  46. OKC - Oklahoma City

    kokc, okc, oklahoma, oklahoma city, atct, will rogers
  47. OMA - Omaha

    koma, oma, omaha, eppley, atct, nebraska
  48. ONT - Ontario ATCT

    kont, ont, ontario, atct, california
  49. ORD - Chicago

    kord, ord, chicago, ohare, illinois, atct
  50. ORF - Norfolk

    korf, orf, norfolk, atct, virginia, virginia beach