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FAA Air Traffic Control Facilities

  1. FRG - Republic

    kfrg, frg, republic, atct, new york, farmingdale, long island
  2. FSD - Sioux Falls

    kfsd, fsd, sioux falls, atct, south dakota
  3. FSM - Fort Smith

    KFSM, ATCT/TRACON, Arkansas, fort smith, fsm
  4. FTW - Fort Worth Meacham

    kftw, ftw, meacham, fort worth, atct, texas
  5. FWA - Fort Wayne

    kfwa, fwa, fort wayne, atct, indiana
  6. FXE - Fort Lauderdale

    kfxe, fxe, fort lauderdale, executive, florida, atct
  7. GCN - Grand Canyon

    KGCN, ATCT, Arizona, gcn, grand canyond
  8. GEG - Spokane

    kgeg, geg, spokane, washington, atct
  9. GGG - Longview

    kggg, ggg, longview, atct, texas, gregg county, east texas
  10. GPT - Gulfport

    kgpt, gpt, gulfport, atct, mississippi, biloxi
  11. GRB - Green Bay

    kgrb, grb, green bay, atct, wisconsin, austin straubel
  12. GRR - Grand Rapids

    kgrr, grr, grand rapids, atct, michigan, gerald r ford, ford, west michigan
  13. GSO - Greensboro

    kgso, gso, greensboro, atct, piedmont, triad, north carolina
  14. GSP - Greenville

    kgsp, gsp, greenville, spartanburg, south carolina, atct, greer
  15. GTF - Great Falls

    kgtf, gtf, great falls, atct, montana
  16. HCF - Honolulu Control Facility

    hcf, zhn, honolulu, hawaii, enroute, center, tracon, atct
  17. HEF - Manassas

    khef, hef, manassas, virginia, atct
  18. HIO - Hillsboro

    khio, hio, hillsboro, atct, oregon
  19. HLN - Helena

    khln, hln, helena, atct, montana
  20. HOU - Hobby

    khou, hou, hobby, wiliam p hobby, houston, texas, atct
  21. HPN - White Plains

    khpn, hpn, white plains, atct, new york, westchester
  22. HSV - Huntsville

    KHSV, ATCT/TRACON, Alabama, hunstville, hsv
  23. HTS - Huntington

    khts, hts, huntington, west virginia, tri-state, wayne county
  24. HUF - Terre Haute

    khuf, huf, terre haute, atct, indiana
  25. HWD - Hayward ATCT

    khwd, hwd, california, atct, hayward
  26. I90 - Houston TRACON

    i90, houston, tracon, texas, houston approach
  27. IAD - Dulles

    kiad, iad, dulles, washington, washington dc, virgnia, atct
  28. IAH - Houston

    kiah, houston, atct, texas, george bush, intercontinental, iah
  29. ICT - Wichita

    kict, ict, wichita, mid continent, atct, kansas
  30. ILM - Wilmington

    kilm, ilm, wilmington, atct, north carolina
  31. IND - Indianapolis

    kind, ind, indiana, indianapolis, atct
  32. ISP - Islip

    kisp, isp, islip, atct, new york, ronkonkoma, macarthur, long island
  33. ITO - Hilo

    pito, ito, hilo, atct, hawaii
  34. JAN - Jackson

    kjan, jan, jackson, atct, mississippi
  35. JAX - Jacksonville

    kjax, jax, jacksonville, florida, atct
  36. JFK - Kennedy

    kjfk, jfk, kennedy, john f kennedy, jamaica, new york, atct
  37. JNU - Juneau

    PJNU, ATCT, Alaska, jnu, juneau
  38. K90 - Cape TRACON

    k90, cape tracon, tracon, massachusetts
  39. KILG - New Castle

    kilg, ilg, wilmington, new castle, atct, delaware
  40. KSMF - Sacramento ATCT

    ksmf, smf, sacramento, atct, california
  41. KSMO - Santa Monica ATCT

    ksmo, smo, santa monica, atct, california
  42. KSNA - John Wayne ATCT

    ksna, sna, john wayne, atct, california, costa mesa, orange county
  43. KSPI - Springfield ATCT

    kspi, spi, capital, springfield, abraham lincoln, atct, illinois
  44. KSTS - Santa Rosa ATCT

    ksts, sts, santa rosa, atct, california
  45. KTOA - Torrance ATCT

    ktoa, toa, torrance, atct, california
  46. KVNY - Van Nuys ATCT

    kvny, vny, van nuys, atct, california
  47. L30 - Las Vegas TRACON

    l30, las vegas, vegas, tracon, las vegas tracon
  48. LAF - Lafayette

    klaf, laf, lafayette, atct, indiana
  49. LAN - Lansing

    klan, lan, lansing, michigan, atct, capital region, capital
  50. LAS - Las Vegas

    klas, las, vegas, las vegas, atct, nevada, mccarran